Meet someone a bit "Lajku"

At Lajku we are interested in bringing people together. Currently, we are focusing on a dating service called Mazily.

Mazily has been around since Dec 2011 and is especially popular in bigger cities in Sweden, where we gather people interested in popular culture of all sorts. Mazily features a member-sourced events calendar with concerts, festivals, exhibitions, member-events, etcetera, letting people meet more spontaneously at happenings around town. You can use Mazily both as a website and an app.

(Mazily is an independent site and its users will not be affiliated with other Lajku products.)


The Lajku team is (mainly) operating from Malmö, Sweden.

Lajku AB
Monbijougatan 17 G
211 53 Malmö


For support regarding Mazily, please use